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Pre bridal skin care tips by Dr Simple Aher

When you get ready for the most important day in your life, which is your wedding day, you like to look charming. And flawlessly radiant skin adds to it to a great extent. How can you get the glamorous look that you always wished for?

Well, there is good news. You have Dr. Simple Aher, the renowned Dermatologist in lokhandwala and her best Skin clinic in mumbai has set a benchmark in skin treatment facilities. She offers an exclusive range of USFDA-approved and safe procedures that are completely pain-free. At her super-specialty clinic, Dr. Simple Aher offers not only the best pre-bridal skin care, but also offers a wide range of skincare, rejuvenation, and transformation procedures in Skinlounge clinic which is best skin clinic in mumbai

Her non-invasive and invasive procedures offer a perfect solution for today’s women. She is the best Dermatologist in Lokhandwala, who performs advanced procedures in her state-of-the-art clinic with a team of qualified and trained assistants.

So to look perfect on your big day and and for pre bridal skin care tips, you can also take expert help on online Q&A platform.

A pre-bridal skincare routine is a complete routine of skin care procedures. It involves home remedies, treatments, salon visits, diet charts, and so on. This routine can be very useful for you to achieve glowing skin. It takes care of your skincare woes. And for a bride, most importantly beautifies the skin before the date of the wedding.

Modern dermatologists offer special programs for brides so that they can achieve superior skin tone and perfect complexion to make them confident.

Feeling beautiful is an aspiration, a dream for every bride. Doctor Simple Aher transforms these dreams into a reality using her expertise and ultra-modern technology.

Based on her experience and knowledge, Dr. Simple Aher shares some useful and effective pre-bridal skin care tips.

Start pre-bridal at least three months before at the Best Skin Clinic in Mumbai

Dr. Simple Aher suggests that one should prepare for the big day much before you get busy with other things. She says that ideally, pre-bridal should begin at least three months before. Also, one should stop all types of treatments at least two weeks before the wedding. One should avoid harsh procedures like bleaching, scrubbing, or any other facials.

Skincare is as important as everything else that you consider a priority before your wedding day. If your skin is not prepared well, there is no point in putting on makeup to bring a natural and beloved glow.

If there are any issues like open pores or acne scars, then the treatment should be started at least 4 months prior to the wedding date. Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Have you been thinking about going for a permanent hair removal for a while now? Perhaps, this is the time to go for it. But you should remember that these treatments require several sittings depending on the rate of hair growth. Therefore, it is appropriate to get started on this ASAP.

Dr. Simple Aher’s Skin lounge clinic which is a well-known Skin clinic in mumbai

can offer the best laser hair removal treatments.

Follow a healthy diet

According to doctors, one should follow a healthy diet at least six months before the wedding date. Also, keep the body hydrated as much as possible. Consume two to three liters of water daily so that toxins can be flushed out. Visit Skin clinic in mumbai and

meet the best Dermatologist in lokhandwala Dr. Simple Aher so that she can assess the existing condition of the skin and help you devise a strategy for achieving your dream-skin goals. Check for zapping acne, dark circles under the eye, and blemishes.

And say "NO" to alcohol and nicotine. Well, it is surely a no-brainer. You must limit your alcohol and caffeine content so that your skin does not look tired and dehydrated.

Do not skip the CTM protocol. It means, Cleaning, Toning, and Moisturizing, no matter how busy or tired you are.