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Top 10 treatment provided by Dr. Simple Aher at Skin Lounge

With innovation and independence, skincare treatments are born every day to take over the beauty industry by raising youth awareness through social media platforms. If you want to age gracefully without showing signs of premature aging, then check out these Dr. Simple Aher’s top 10 treatments at our Skin Lounge Clinic to increase your self-confidence while looking better at the same time. Whenever you use the right skincare products with the right face and diet, you will get the best results that can help you catch up with your youth and look beautiful at any time of the day. Here are the best Skin Lounge Clinic treatments that are popular these days:

1. Bullet whitening program:

Bullet whitening is an exclusive and perfect way to rejuvenate, refresh and brighten your skin with a unique 5 step power packed program special designed to work on each layer of the skin from the epidermis to deep dermis that exfoliates dead skin cells, infuses glow vitamins, oxygenates and improves your skin texture, pores, fine lines, tone and quality of your skin by healing your skin from inside out to give you a sparkling dewy baby skin. Bullet whitening can be done on the face, neck, underarms, buttocks and any other part of the body including the bikini.

Swelling which is temporary. Skin rejuvenation advance program is one of the most sought out services and is our signature service at Skin Lounge resulting in a beautiful and healthier skin. area. The service is absolutely safe and complies by all standards on international level.

2. Skin Rejuvenation Advance program:

Skin rejuvenation advance is a program specially designed for the face and neck which helps to get rid of any brown patchy pigmentation or uneven skin tone, acne marks that may appear due to any chronic skin damage due to external aliments. This treatment includes a total of three steps done during one session which results in the skin brightness, shine, color and reflection to make it look younger and healthier, with a mirror finish! There are no side effects of this procedure except slight redness and swelling which is temporary . Skin rejuvenation advance program is one of the most sought out services and is our signature service at Skin Lounge resulting in a beautiful and healthier skin.

3. Collagen facial by Dr Simple Aher:

Collagen facial is a personal recommendation from the Skin Lounge Clinic which is prescribed by Dr. Simple Aher. Collagen Facial helps your skin by slowing down the aging process and replacing the outer layer of your skin with active nutrients, vitamins and proteins that are applied externally clubbed with a tightening procedure, This procedure also requires to use heat based device helping to immediately get that tight and slim jawline followed by exfoliation by polishing and cleanses the Lounge and one of the most loved service that results in those perfect soft natural looking baby pink lips! skin to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your face. Finally, it is finished by a healthy and comfortable glow vitamin massage and infusion that enhances the cream’s effect to its core. This service forms one of the premium line of treatment with a premium result for all age groups. A must try try for all brides and grooms before their special day.

4. Lip pinkening :

Lip pinkening is an safe, painless and effective way to enhance your lips naturally to give them a baby pink lips look . It involves 4 step program involving stem cell restorations along with special device working on lip color and hydration which is then sealed with arbutin mask. The service is super exclusive to Skin

Dark circle reduction program:

Dark circles are one of most common issues which are seen in young to old patients. They are caused by genetic predisposition, lack of sleep, healthy diet, and dehydration, aging of bone, overexposure to UV light, allergies, illness, and skin losing elasticity around your eyes. That is why extra care is provided in our clinic to get those twinkling and fresh looking eyes at Skin Lounge clinic to exfoliate any pigmentation and unhealthy area around your eyes involving two step programs.

6. 3D Skin lift:

As we age, our skin produces less collagen and elastin and skin starts thinning in our bodies, which decreases the firmness and strength of the skin on our face ,neck and body. A 3D skin lift is a great solution for treating that loose aging skin by immediately tightening the loose collagen of your skin and is one of the Top 10 treatment provided by Dr. Simple Aher at Skin Lounge.

7. 4D Skin lift :

The 4D skin lift is an latest advancement in Skin tightening procedure than involves collagen injections along with advanced threads that work magic on tightening the skin, reducing the jowls and giving you that perfectly straight desirable jawline..Dr. Simple Aher personal recommendation for that chiseled celebrity jawline!

8. Barbie Nose Lift :

Non-surgical Barbie nose lift is the perfect nose lift for someone who doesn’t want a surgical upgrade but still needs a transformation of his or her nose to make it look sharper and lifted. This non-surgical service requires us to use fillers and threads at the tip of your nose to increase the definition in your nose. The downtime of procedure is minimum and service is safe and easy says our specialists Dr. Simple Aher to perform.

9. Hair regrowth and rejuvenation program:

The Hair regrowth and rejuvenation program is ideal for people with thinning and balding hair. It is effective for both men and women to stimulate hair growth and restore damaged ends which will help them in bringing back their confidence and charm. Dr. Simple Aher hair restoration program uses a combination of three procedures: PRP, Hair Metso, and Laser Helmet to completely restore lost hair follicles while increasing their thickness and length of your natural hair giving you bouncy, lustrous, bouncy hair.

10. Dual Laser for scar reduction:

Scars are generally formed by acne, burns, injuries, surgery, chickenpox or trauma. With our specialized service performed by Dr Simple Aher these scars fade out over time by Dual Laser repair which is non-surgical and derma to improve or reduce the appearance of scars. This also restores the basic function of fades out over time by Dual Laser repair non-surgical treatments to improve or reduce the appearance of scars. This also restores the basic function of normal skin and repairs defects caused by previous injuries, cuts, or surgeries. Examination of scars usually takes from 30 minutes to an hour, and it is usually performed as a daily procedure, often under topical anesthesia by our expert Dr. Simple Aher in Skin Lounge Clinic yielding a permanent smooth skin.