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Skin whitening treatment in mumbai

The Bullet whitening program and Skin Rejuvenation Advance program at Dr Simple Aher Clinic

Simple Aher provide the best skin whitening treatment in Mumbai and her team bring the best and the most advanced skin and body care methods to her clinic.

Skin Lounge Clinic is one and the only place where you get the most modern, USFDA-approved non-surgical, anti-ageing procedures. What is the true secret of gaining self-confidence and a positive attitude? It is possible when one takes care of the body and mind. Beauty treatment not just makes you beautiful but fills you with tremendous self-confidence and self-respect.

Dr. Simple Aher has spent years helping her clients regain their beauty. She wants that the beauty treatment should be safe, permanent, and affordable. She always emphasizes natural procedures. It makes Dr. Simple Aher a respected name in the field of dermatology and cosmetology.

She is the CEO of Skin Lounge Clinic. Being a celebrity Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & Trichologist Dr. Simple Aher has transformed the appearance of film stars and models, celebrities, and even normal housewives as well. Her immense knowledge, experience, and positive approach bring great respect and trust. Two gold medals and various awards are the reflections of her expertise.

She works with the vision to make our country proud at international levels. Therefore, she always insists on using globally recognized and recommended procedures and advanced dermatology

Doctor Simple Aher is very enthusiastic and positive in attitude. Thus, people who undergo treatment at The Skin Lounge feel good about their appearance. Dr. Aher works with the vision of making India proud internationally by using globally recognized skin-treatment procedures. Advances in dermatology and modern trends combined with her expert knowledge bring miracles in people’s life. When the expert knowledge and extraordinary dedication to the mission of Dr. Simple Aher get aided by ultra-modern technology, overwhelming results are achieved.

Why is The Skin Lounge the best place to get radiant skin?

When you aspire to have glamorous skin like a film star, you need skin treatment as per international standards. The Skin Lounge achieves a perfect look and exciting finish. It makes your skin flawlessly radiant, and you walk out beaming with confidence.

The Skin Lounge is equipped with world-class equipment and machines operated by well-groomed technicians under the guidance of Dr. Simple Aher, who is a respected dermatologist and cosmetologist.

WhetherWhether your skin quality has been impacted due to lifestyle and stress, pollution, and vocational hazards, sleeping habits, or cosmetic residue; with the help of a specialized skin whitening treatment and personal attention, you get back the glowing skin once again.

Dr. Simple Aher and her team analyze the fundamental reason for your skin problem and treat it with safe, effective, and effortless methods. She has been helping countless people in bringing back the lost beauty by using permanent, safe, and natural treatment.

In the busy lifestyle of today, nobody can spare much time for skin treatment. Hence, The Skin Lounge has designed quick yet immensely effective skin treatments for all. It has set the benchmark in skin improvement and rejuvenation facilities. You get a long array of treatments at the clinic, e.g., acne, scars, fairness, skin glow, hair growth on the scalp and skin, fillers and botox, stretch marks, cosmetic laser treatments, skin whitening treatment in mumbai and so on. All non-invasive treatments are done using contouring and injectables. The safety and health of every client is the top priority.

A range of skin treatments at Dr Simple Aher Clinic What treatments can stop the signs of premature aging? Dr. Simple Aher brings a plethora of treatments at Skin Lounge Clinic that increase self-confidence. The combination of the right lifestyle and diet and the best skincare products bring incredible results. Here are the two best treatments at Skin Lounge Clinic.

Bullet whitening program

When you want to refresh and brighten your skin tone, Bullet Whitening Program is a special five-step program that works on every layer of the skin-from epidermis to the deep dermis

It is a USFDA approved custom treatment that improves and oxygenates the texture of the skin.

By exfoliating dead skins and infusing glow vitamins, the skin texture improves. Bullet Whitening Program heals it from inside out and gives you dewy and sparkling baby-like skin.

Dr Simple Aher believes in giving international standard services. Hence, she equips the Skin Lounge Clinic with international-standard equipment and machines.

The Bullet Whitening program is not limited to the face, but it can be done on the entire body. Face, neck, underarms, buttocks, and even the bikini are suitable for it. The treatment is safe and pain-free.

It is the best treatment for everyone who is looking for permanent improvement in skin tone and quality.

Skin Rejuvenation Advance program

Our skin is under constant pressure because it protects us from adverse climatic conditions. Hence, it is essential to take good care of the skin. Over a period, we develop brown patchy pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Some people have severe damage to the skin due to extreme weather and it causes acne and scars.

The damaged skin tone can be revived by a special Skin rejuvenation advance program. It is specially designed for the face and neck. The three-step schedule lowers the dark tone, removes patches, and gets you glowing skin.

Due to a great improvement in the skin shine and brightness, and color and reflection, you get a transformed appearance. The results are amazing. The mirror finish makes you look smart, young, and healthy.

The procedure is one of the most preferred programs offered by The Skin Lounge. Like all other procedures, this procedure is also performed using world-class machines. It is fast, safe and USFDS approved.

When it comes to skin treatment, “One size doesn’t fit all”. because every one of us has a different skin type. The needs are different, so the treatment plan is also different. The team spends some time understanding the problem and designing a plan that meets your requirements.