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10 ways to reduce wrinkles - by Dr simple Aher

To look young is everyone’s dream. Hence, seeking ways to hide the signs of aging would be the top agenda.

What is the first sign of aging? Is it gray hair? No, the first thing that reflects your age is wrinkles. It dims the glow of youth, and you just watch it helplessly. But is the situation really so disappointing? Not at all!

Dr. Simple Aher who is one of the best dermatologists in lokhandwala, has brought you 10 ways to reduce wrinkles.

Here are the top10 ways of looking as young as you feel.

10 benefits of Hair Reduction1 Avoid exposure to the sun: If you rate the causes of wrinkles, then exposure to sunlight is at the top. People who limit the exposure have fewer wrinkles. Their skin glows naturally, and they look young and fresh. Many people blame heredity for wrinkles, but exposure to the sun plays a greater role.

2 Quit smoking: Though substantial research about it has to be done yet, many skin specialists consider smoking as a booster for wrinkles. Tobacco causes several ill-effects in the body including the release of an enzyme that breaks down two components of the skin, i.e., elastin and collagen. As a result, your skin looks aged and wrinkled.

3 Never forget to carry sunscreen: Since we cannot avoid the sun, we can reduce its harmful impacts at least. It can be done by using good-quality sunscreen. Always use the right type of sunscreen based on your exposure to the sunrays. UV protection is the main purpose of using sunscreen.

4 Sleep for eight hours: Studies show that there is a direct correlation between the hours of sleep and skin tone. When you do not get enough sleep, your body produces excess cortisol. It is a hormone that breaks down skin cells. When you get adequate sleep, the body produces Human Growth Hormone. It helps the skin to become more elastic.

5 Sleeping style: Can there be any relation between the sleeping style and wrinkles? Yes, there is. Studies show that the surface of the skin gets permanent marks of wrinkles etched. It happens when we sleep on the side. Therefore, sleep on your back as much as possible.

6 Use Botox: Other than the lifestyle change, you can try a few medical or spa treatments to reduce wrinkles. Botox is the abbreviation of Botulinum Toxin, a chemical that relaxes muscles below the wrinkle. Due to that, the skin on top lies smooth and crease-free. You should look for the Best Botox treatment in Mumbai.

7 Laser resurfacing: Laser is a pulse diode light. It removes the uppermost layer of the skin and causes a slight wounding. It triggers the natural collagen-protection mechanism of the skin into high gear. Your skin becomes smooth and wrinkle-free. It is important that the specialist, who performs the resurfacing is an expert.

8 Chemical peels: They are different from the “natural peels” that use organic products. Chemical peels use a variety of chemicals that burn away the uppermost layer of the skin. The body responds to it by producing more collagen. Your skin becomes smooth and wrinkles and fine lines will disappear.

10 Facelift is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin from the face and neck. It tightens the muscles and other connecting tissues and layers. It is a long-lasting treatment that remains effective for seven to ten years.