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Dr Simple Aher

10 benefits of hair reduction by Dr. Simple Aher

Hair reduction through Laser is one of the safest and most convenient procedure worldwide.

Laser hair reduction is a scientifically designed, safe procedure to pluck the hair from the roots. It is a painless procedure to make the skin permanently free of unwanted hair. Dr Simple Aher performs precise and effective hair reduction treatment at her world-class clinic.

She is the leading Celebrity Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & Trichologist, and the CEO of “Skin Lounge Clinic based in Mumbai”. Dr Aher has transformed the lives of thousands of people. When a highly concentrated beam of laser is diverted to the hair follicles containing pigments, they absorb light and get destroyed. The treatment is very much effective in removing unwanted hair from the face, leg, underarms and arms, bikini line, and other areas.

10 benefits of Hair Reduction

  • It is one of the best methods. Not just because it removes hair easily, but it reduces hair growth as well.
  • It is suitable for any area of the body. The machine covers a large area quickly.
  • The treatment brings excellent results. Especially, in the area where the hair is dark, and the skin is fair. Some examples are lips, chin, and underarms.
  • The treatment is not painful at all. A cooling system is used to make the area numb before and after performing Laser treatment. As the treatment continues, it becomes less painful.
  • Laser treatment is precise and perfect. It selectively targets coarse and dark hair without causing any damage to the surrounding skin.
  • The speed of hair removal is astonishing. Small areas can be treated in minutes.
  • The majority of the patients get results in average 4-6 sessions.
  • The Diode laser can remove hairs from light and dark skin. It is one of the most used techniques.
  • It can be performed during the menstruation period also.
  • Lastly, it is cost-effective in the long run. You have to spend a one-time cost, but it is like a ‘beauty investment’. It will give returns in the future.

A few simple precautions to be taken. You should avoid sun exposure for some days. Apply good-quality sunscreen with SPF30 or more. Avoid threading, waxing, or plucking during the treatment.

Call the experts today and get impressive, visible, permanent results at Skin Lounge Clinic. The methods are scientifically designed so that you get incredible hair removal without causing any dark patch or discoloration.